Innovative Mobile Mental Health Clinic Serving Adults, Children and Families of
Spartanburg, Cerokee and Union Counties With Limited Access to Mental Health Services


With the increasing numbers of residents in Cherokee, Spartanburg and Union counties, a significant number never receive adequate psychiatric care. Adequate mental health care is defined as having mental health services that are available and assessible to all people. SAMHC is working to provide a behavioral health system that enables the community to have access to these services despite their circumstances. These circumstances pose a barrier to care by decreasing access, prevention of adequate care, or pose limitations to resources. Hence, we get under-served areas that lack availability and accessibility to mental health care. Our mental health mobile unit will be a bridge to assist communities in the healing process of recovery with their mental illness. Medically under-served populations face barriers to health care. Individuals can potentially lack insurance coverage and financial resources, as well as face cultural stigma, which may deter them from seeking mental health services. As a result, delayed identification and treatment of behavioral health issues can frequently lead to potentially negative outcomes. Therefore, it is imperative to create access opportunities to MH care.