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We believe all forms of media (news, entertainment, social) have the power to make a transformational impact on health and mental health, when used accurately, safely and in ethical, developmentally appropriate ways. This initiative aims to understand and improve the impact of media on mental health through partnerships, collaboration, and projects aimed to enhance the prosocial, safe use of media in multiple forms.

Celebrating Local Heroes: NURSES’

The Palmetto Gold Steering Committee members deeply regret that we are unable to recognize you in the same way we have recognized previous recipients of this prestigious honor. You are now among 1,900 nurses who have been honored for their accomplishments in a variety of practice settings across South Carolina, and for that you should be proud! The Palmetto Gold Steering Committee remains committed to appropriately recognizing you in a safe way. To celebrate YOU, this week, we are pleased to present a video titled ‘Celebrating Local Heroes: NURSES’.


National Suicide Prevention Month 2021

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and we want to remind our communities they are not alone and that support is always available. The "Hold On To Me" campaign is to let our communities, friends, and families know that, when times are tough, there is always someone to hold on to. When we hold on to each other, we are stronger and we ensure hope lives in South Carolina!